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We provide group transportation to all JW New York facilities, Warwick, Patterson and Wallkill. Same day, overnight and multi day trips are available. These facility tours are Monday through Friday only. We can package hotel arrangements, restaurant arrangements and nearby shopping outlets for your tour. In addition, we make multi day travel arrangements for JW Canadian Bethel facilities tours.

​​​​​​“The Woman and Her Offspring”

(formerly The Woman and the Seed)

This tour encompasses the first four world powers in Biblical history: #1 Egypt, #2 Assyria, #3 Babylon, and #4 Medo-Persia. You will see how the prophecy at Genesis 3:15 has influenced the religions of mankind from the very beginning of mankind’s history.


On this tour you’ll enjoy artifacts from the next two world powers in the Bible: #5 Greece and #6 Rome. The value of the Christian Greek Scriptures is set against the backdrop of the Hellenistic and Roman cultures of the 1st century C.E.

“The Bible in American History”

The five year renovation of the galleries in the American wing now gives us access to hundreds of works and pieces of art that reveal the thinking and attitudes that shaped the 2nd half of the 7th world power in Bible prophecy. What role did this play in initiating the preaching work in America? Join us on this tour and see.

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